Investing for all.

Rabble develops and manages impact investment opportunities that are good for people and the planet. With extensive diligence, tailor made offering structures, and transaction management through the lifecycle of each investment project, we connect conscious capital with meaningful projects.

Invest in what you believe in. Now you can invest in companies that inspire you.

All projects aim to provide social or environmental impact in addition to financial returns — what we call “complete returns.”

During the project you’ll earn dividend income. When the project closes you’ll “exit” and receive proceeds directly into your account.

Who we are

We are a NYC-based team of passionate people with experience in impact investing, cleantech finance, private equity, sustainability, engineering and investment management. To us, investing is about more than money—it’s about creating a stronger economy, environment, and society.


Umber led project finance and strategic initiatives at Spirae, a Colorado-based cleantech firm. There, he created financial models for renewable-based microgrid and smart city projects, and led smart city initiatives in North America and Europe. He has served on the New York REV Market & Technology Design Working Groups and participated in the Maryland Microgrid Resiliency Task Force. Umber is a graduate of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania where he studied finance, decision systems and game theory.

Ted has over 16 years of combined experience in the financial and tech industries. Prior to joining rabble Ted worked in real estate backed fixed income trading and investment portfolios with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and HSBC. His previous experiences also include banking regulatory risk capital analysis. Earlier in his career, he built large-scale statistical analysis tools in the tech industry at Agilent Technologies.

Dan is a Professional Engineer and Project Manager with 10 years of experience in land development and building infrastructure systems. Dan leads multi-disciplinary teams to complete complex projects. As Head of Projects for rabble, Dan is responsible for vetting project feasibility and due diligence coordination, as well as monitoring the design and construction phases. Dan is an Associate Principal at WB Engineers + Consultants where he manages the special inspections group, civil engineering services, and MEP projects.

Fatima is a Creative Director with a focus in sustainable design solutions. She is a storyteller, turning narrative into brand experiences. She creates ideas that are out of the box but inside of the budget. Her aesthetic reflects her global design experience, leading projects in NY, LA, London, Stockholm, and Qatar. Fatima is responsible for the communication and brand development of the projects we fund.




What people are saying

  • “Rabble is doing something exciting because it is providing everyday investors with access to new investment opportunities that they otherwise would not have access to, while also ensuring that those projects have a positive impact on the communities that they touch. Its a win for everyone involved.”
    Tom Lemmo, Advisor, Emigrant Bank Executive Office
  • “In the late 1990’s, we covered the ONLY revitalization project happening inside city limits. Now I actually get to participate on my own and empower the next phase of growth.”
    Scott Morgan, Director, The Morgan Group
  • “It is rare to see such a combination of experience, chemistry and innovation as I find in Rabble. I was a very early supporter and will continue to support the rabble rousers going forward.”
    Patricia Lancaster, former Commissioner of NYC’s Dept. of Buildings
  • “One can begin feeling helpless in the midst of feeling hopeful and rabble is creating a platform for me to matter by being not just vocal, but active”
    Lola Albright, Actress + Model
  • “I’m excited by the potential of rabble’s innovative model to allow community members to support projects they value and developers, investors and community members to earn income from and insight into the projects communities want.”
    Mathew Sachs, Vice President Distributed Energy Development, National Grid
  • “For me, the rabble model brings impact investment into the realm of everyday citizen by putting projects with social and financial outcomes onto an accessible, intuitive platform.”
    Michael Francis Craft, Evaluation Officer, United Nations