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Review the latest rabble projects.

Rabble offers equity and debt investment opportunities in projects with social and environmental impact.

Each featured project passes a rigorous review by rabble’s in-house financial, impact investing and engineering experts. However, investing is always risky, and there’s a chance the project may not reach its financial or impact goals. Be sure to review the detailed due diligence materials that explain the structure, potential risk, and projected impact of the investment on the project page.


Invest in what you believe in.

After careful review, pick a project (or two!) that you love and invest with the click of a button. You can either draw funds directly from your bank account or use your rabble wallet to transfer cash. Even sweeter? You can start by investing as little as $100.



Earn income and drive change.

Once the project produces revenue, income will be deposited directly to your account. Cha-ching. The timeline for dividends vary by project.


Cash out and pass the baton.

After the investment term is complete, you’ll exit the investment per the terms of the project.

In some cases, you’ll be repaid your original amount plus interest at a pre-defined time of typically 2 to 5 years. In others, you may be able to exit early and sell your portion right back to the Project Founder.

What you do next with your money is up to you, though we highly recommend celebrating.


Get the Answers

Who can invest?

Any resident of the U.S. over the age of 18 can invest in rabble projects, regardless of how much they earn or have in the bank. However, some projects are open only to residents of certain states—check out project details for more information.

Where do my funds go once I invest?

After you invest in a rabble project, your funds will be handled by a third-party payment processing firm called Synapse. Synapse only withdraws funds from your rabble wallet or bank account once the project has met its minimum fundraising goal. Then, your investment, along the rest of the money the project has raised through rabble, is transferred into a protected fund that invests directly into the project. The project receives these funds once they complete the key milestones outlined in the project details.

At no point will funds from other projects be commingled with yours, which means that your returns depend solely on the success of the specific project that you invested in.

What will I earn, and when?

In most instances, you’ll receive quarterly cash returns once the project starts producing revenue. For equity investments, you’ll receive a portion of the cash flow—what you earn depends on the success of the project. For debt investments, you’ll receive a fixed interest payment as outlined in the project details. After a few years, the investment will reach the end of its lifespan, and you can expect to earn back your original principal. The timing of this payment differs from project to project. Depending on the specific investment type, you may also earn additional cash.

What happens if the project doesn’t reach its fundraising goal?

Rabble projects are funded on an “all or nothing” basis—if a project you’ve invested in doesn’t reach its fundraising goal, your funds will be returned to you.

What is the difference between an equity investment and a debt investment?

Some rabble projects offer equity investments, while others offer debt. Debt is another word for a loan. Debt investors lend money to project founders who agree to pay it back with “interest”, over a set number of years. The investor will earn exactly as much as they were promised on that timeline—no more and no less—as long as the project does not go bankrupt.

People who invest in equity become co-owners of a project, and they’ll receive a portion of the profits (this is called dividend income). The value of the equity depends on the value of the project—it can go down to zero, or go sky-high. You need to sell equity if you want to get your original investment back, but don’t worry—rabble takes care of the sale.

What due diligence does rabble perform?

We dig deep to source projects poised for success, and focus our due diligence on four areas: 1. project feasibility, to assess the team, risks and budget; 2. impact, to determine if the project is highly likely to solve a social and/or environmental problem; 3. financial viability, to ensure the project is highly likely to meet the financial projections, and 4. SEC approval, a form 1A Application is submitted to the SEC, who confirms it is accurate and complete in its disclosures of the risks and opportunities the project presents.

Who can I talk to at rabble?

Our team is here to answer all of your questions about rabble, our projects and the investment structures we use. Reach out at If you don’t have a specific question, but you want to join the conversation, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @wetherabble.