October 28, 2016

Halloween. The holiday we deem as an “acceptable” occasion to let one’s freak-flag fly (an action we rabble-rousers enthusiastically condone on the regular, but that’s for another post). Eclectic costumes, excess sugar, and an opportunity to assume the role of whatever you’re into, whether it’s a clown, a sexy bumble bee, or Napoleon Dynamite.

But what if there were a way to act even more mischievous and unruly — by tweaking tradition only slightly to celebrate a holiday that was sensible to those around us — AND the environment?

In the process of dressing in costume and disregarding reality (and eating a boatload of chocolate), there’s no need to completely neglect our senses. Check out our suggestions of how to have a sensible Halloween this weekend — while still keeping the chaos.

1. Combine creativity with abandoned goods to create costume treasure

Sort through forgotten clothing and materials in your basement or your family members’ old clothing to build something genius, like a life size cereal box made out of cardboard, or madonna with your grandmother’s corset. Forget the expensive, plastic, throw-away costumes and get creative.

2. Get scrappy (and smart) with your sugar fix

You could buy loads of sugary candy…or, you could embrace your inner Julia Child and make a treat that may trick your friend into eating a bit of embedded nutrients. Candied apples, granola bars, and chocolate covered cherries take minutes to make and are insanely addictive.

3. Ask for candy…and for support

There are several organizations accepting help during Halloween, like Trick or Treat for UNICEF, which encourages kids to trick-or treat for donations. Google candy buy-back programs or local charities raising funds in your area to contribute while you indulge.

4. Throw a party with the community in mind

Get creative with Halloween decor to minimize waste or support local business. Farmers’ markets sell pumpkins to carve and brighten with candle light, and brightly colored orange fabric (clothing, left over table cloths) create splashes of color on the wall. Make use of plastic bottles or containers by transforming them into ghosts to greet your guests. Use bio-degradable plateware if using disposable goods is necessary.

5. Turn left-overs into soup

Carved pumpkins make for awesome soup, squash, casserole, and pasta recipes – don’t toss them! Donate halloween costumes to local charities or organizations such as Ween Dream, which provide costumes to families in need, and give away extra (factory-sealed) sweets to charities accepting them – like Operation Gratitude, which sends candies overseas for those in the military service.

We hope these are helpful — but above all, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!